Five K and YVN will never ask for your login information via email.

If you receive emails requesting your username and password for any online service, you can be sure that it is a Phishing Attempt (Wikipedia).

Follow this guide when dealing with personal information on the Web:

Five K and YVN will never send you emails with attachments
If you receive emails asking you to run an attachment to "Fix" your account settings, you can be sure that this is some form of malware. - Do not open it.

MacFee Update Warning

A bad virus definition update has left a number of McAfee customers worldwide with systems that will no longer run.
Running a scan after this update will give False Positives on important Windows Sytem .dll's.
If McAfee is allowed to remove these .dll's your computer wil not start after shut down and a full restore will need to be done.
Contact Five K with the form below, if you need any assistance with this issue.

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